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Maturity is the attitude…

Patience of your emotions is tested when you don’t have anything. Perception and attitude is tested when you have everything.

There are lot of lesson, you failed to show respect to the people who are below. That, gave the lot of lesson to them. As well as, it is know to us.

Whatever you have in life. If it is money or food. Sharing it will give to happiness and peace. Evwn happiness can be shared to one or other it will spread like lights in darks. It gives you lot if maturity and responsibility.

If you act more responsible, you can be more happier than anyone else. If you feel the responsibility.

When you are going to a job. Give your salary for your family and if you don’t feel the happy responsibility. It will affect you and as well as you. It will lead your mind in two ways:

1) You don’t like give required money them.

2) You started distancing yourself from them.

How to overcome this, it is very simple. If your parents sit in the veranda. Go to them and sit with them. Don’t use phone. Even, don’t talk to them. They will have a simple conversation like how was the day. Is everything going good. Then, your life will change. You don’t feel guilty like the first day. You will reach home sooner to have dinner with them. Finally, I want to say one thing. Happy living.

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