It means a lot about it…

It is also the love towards someone and something. Attention please: Here, I am available for all the people. Who seeks peace and live with happy hearts(not just with happy faces). You can talk to us anonymously without any identification and share your feeling and pain. Be beleive, saying your pain and sharing it willContinue reading “It means a lot about it…”

Attention please: happy start(LIFE)..

When I was adding a lot of ice cream into the cup. My mind said : lot of ice cream is not good for health. My heart : it enough to live for your sake of health. Live for your happiness. Nothing is going to happen. One day can’t take your life. But, everyday youContinue reading “Attention please: happy start(LIFE)..”

Start where you left…for successors…

Young minds try to find a way to new start. After collage ,Everyone asks you. Where are you going to work. No one ask you, are going to start a BUSINESS. Are you going to be ENTREPRENEUR. From the day, we where born. They started to insist the things in our head. The common wordsContinue reading “Start where you left…for successors…”

HAPPY MOMENTS : Changes begins HERE…

As the world is changing in a faster rate. We started to have a lot of compliments which led our life to drastic changes. Which we may like it or not. Now a days, the things we own have a lot of repsect than the people in our life. This is not a best approchContinue reading “HAPPY MOMENTS : Changes begins HERE…”

Must read : How to protect happinesss…

Happiness, what a beautiful presence and if you need its presence in your life. Read this… If you had Rs.86,400 in your account & someone stole Rs.10, would you be upset and throw the remaining Rs. 86390 away at the person who took your Rs.10? Nooo..right??? The same way we have 86,400 seconds each day.Continue reading “Must read : How to protect happinesss…”

Relationship is all we need…

Relationship between you and any other people is unique. Even that is a war and peace game. How to avoid problems in relationships. Simple reasons lies in how you handle those people If you feel, you have sacrificed less for them and love them more. You will be happy with that relationship. In love, weContinue reading “Relationship is all we need…”

Must read : over come Stress and all…

When human evolution takes place from monkeys to humans. The problem of the man started to increase day by day. As humans needs food to live. Then so many things fall in this, he needed shelter. After decades, they liked to have acquired lands, money came after, technology, gadgets and so. Today, someone ask you.Continue reading “Must read : over come Stress and all…”

Biggest pain….

It is impossible to get one type of asset in our life. That asset is simple and it is truth. It is like a pure water. Once a small drop of impurity falls it gone forever. If you truth someone a lot. It means, you love them a lot. You will do anything for them.Continue reading “Biggest pain….”


Where do you find the end of the love. Till the soul dies. Simply it never ends when you are alive and not. The happiness and sadness are extremes. Even the mind knows it, the heart never failed to follow the loved ones. It is the true love. The true love never fails and neverContinue reading “True LOVE ENDS?”

For all those readers…

It is the perfect time for me to show love for all my followers. I have went through lot of struggles, your likes and comments gave me a lot of hope. Thanks to each and every followers. You gave me happiness, I will return those happiness and experience by my quotes. I have exclusive siteContinue reading “For all those readers…”

Love’s cause and effect..

Everyone have felt both the ways of love. Happiest moments and saddest moments. The most common problem and pain in any type of relationship is in the picture. It can be easily overcome by knowing what makes it. Whenever someone hurts our love, we give them a hard back fight. But, when we ourself hurtContinue reading “Love’s cause and effect..”

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