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Mind vs heart GAME…

This is one of my favourite quote which I wrote. I used to see it often. This is type where most kind of people fall. They are posting happy moments in their life in social media. But they are real happy or not. Is still a question mark. We are getting complicated more and committedContinue reading “Mind vs heart GAME…”

Start where you left…for successors…

Young minds try to find a way to new start. After collage ,Everyone asks you. Where are you going to work. No one ask you, are going to start a BUSINESS. Are you going to be ENTREPRENEUR. From the day, we where born. They started to insist the things in our head. The common wordsContinue reading “Start where you left…for successors…”

Must read : How to protect happinesss…

Happiness, what a beautiful presence and if you need its presence in your life. Read this… If you had Rs.86,400 in your account & someone stole Rs.10, would you be upset and throw the remaining Rs. 86390 away at the person who took your Rs.10? Nooo..right??? The same way we have 86,400 seconds each day.Continue reading “Must read : How to protect happinesss…”

Must read : over come Stress and all…

When human evolution takes place from monkeys to humans. The problem of the man started to increase day by day. As humans needs food to live. Then so many things fall in this, he needed shelter. After decades, they liked to have acquired lands, money came after, technology, gadgets and so. Today, someone ask you.Continue reading “Must read : over come Stress and all…”

Biggest pain….

It is impossible to get one type of asset in our life. That asset is simple and it is truth. It is like a pure water. Once a small drop of impurity falls it gone forever. If you truth someone a lot. It means, you love them a lot. You will do anything for them.Continue reading “Biggest pain….”


Where do you find the end of the love. Till the soul dies. Simply it never ends when you are alive and not. The happiness and sadness are extremes. Even the mind knows it, the heart never failed to follow the loved ones. It is the true love. The true love never fails and neverContinue reading “True LOVE ENDS?”

For all those readers…

It is the perfect time for me to show love for all my followers. I have went through lot of struggles, your likes and comments gave me a lot of hope. Thanks to each and every followers. You gave me happiness, I will return those happiness and experience by my quotes. I have exclusive siteContinue reading “For all those readers…”

You can start living your LIFE from here…

The growth of our life depends on the people we hang out and the places we travel. Both are choosed by your mind. Sharp your mind. Most Relatives are the people, who bring problems to the solution for our life. They make the gossips to travel in four directions. They don’t even have a goodContinue reading “You can start living your LIFE from here…”

Success of everyone lies in this…

Success is easily explained by the successful people. They failed it explained it, how they got it. If you are working continuously for your success. Dedicating each and every day in your life for success and still you cannot achieve it. Then that us the time you have to analyse what you are doing. IsContinue reading “Success of everyone lies in this…”

Happy life.. For U…

Every second of your life is meant to lived and enjoyed. The days are going faster than we expect. If you decided to be happy after your achievements. The life will never begin. You cannot enjoy the honeymoon at the age of 40. Never postpone your HAPPINESS. Each day is meant to be happy andContinue reading “Happy life.. For U…”

Do you need peacefull relationship?

Relationship between you and any other person is unique. Even that is a war and peace game. How to have a peaceful relationships. Simple reasons lies in how you handle those people If you feel, you have sacrificed less for them and love them more. You start to have best relationship. If you felt, youContinue reading “Do you need peacefull relationship?”

How to make relationship stronger…

Relationship between you and any other people is unique. Even that is a war and peace game. How to avoid problems in relationships. Simple reasons lies in how you handle those people If you feel, you have sacrificed less for them and love them more. You start to have best relationship. If you felt, youContinue reading “How to make relationship stronger…”

Happiness comes from your action..

Fingerprint of everyone varies. As the attitude varies. Attutide is everything in life. It can give surprise gifts and even take your life. If you have a postive attitude towards everything, you will find oppourunity to get solutions and peace. Forgiveness is most important part in your life. If you donโ€™t forgive yourself for whoContinue reading “Happiness comes from your action..”

Must Read : Postivity is everything; How to make postivity to follow you.

In life, we have met lot of people with different attitudes and different cultures. Inspite of that, we have a lot of friends and know many people. We have avoided a lot of people in life, even they are fee meters away and We have crossed even a ocean to see someone. Everyone knows this,Continue reading “Must Read : Postivity is everything; How to make postivity to follow you.”

How to find the best partner for you….

The love is not a complex thing. It is a simple thing with complex looks. We can make out best moments with loved ones. There are three stage in love. In 1st stage, When they started loving. Everything is likable and everything goes like a fairy tales. They spend a lot of time and enjoy a lot.Continue reading “How to find the best partner for you….”

Simple proved TRICK: For having a good and deep relationship.

PEOPLE here are different and changing day by day. Now a days, relationship stuck between what they are and what we want from them. We failed to see, what’s wrong with them; they are happy or not. Taking care and frequent conection will sustains the relation. Instead we except a lot from them. When weContinue reading “Simple proved TRICK: For having a good and deep relationship.”

Grap it๐Ÿš€… Don’t miss it๐Ÿ‘‘… It comes once in a while๐Ÿ‘“…

This is part of everyone’s life. They have felt, they have missed a lot of this thing. When humans started to grow, they missed this wonderful doors. That is oppourunity. We have felt bad a lot of time by missing it. Next time you get a oppourunity, just take it. Don’t think about the compatibilityContinue reading “Grap it๐Ÿš€… Don’t miss it๐Ÿ‘‘… It comes once in a while๐Ÿ‘“…”

Important lesson: How to choose a best one for you…

Most people have felt this type of feeling. Atleast once or twice in their life. When we started to grow, we started to have restriction and rules. It made our choices and feeling to restriction and takes a part of us. So, we started to live our life with limited version. We have to breakContinue reading “Important lesson: How to choose a best one for you…”

Never stop; Be a runner… Life gives a lot..takes alot…

Hurlding is process of living. When you stopped crossing the obstacles. You will be dead inside. Life gives us a numerous choices, using them wisely and seeing them as a part of life. We can start living. When you praise what you have, you will never waste your time worrying about the things you don’tContinue reading “Never stop; Be a runner… Life gives a lot..takes alot…”

Happiness is found here…

Everyone needs this. Right? Happiness can be found in everything. But, the happiness which can be attained within one’s self , nature and God are the people. Who feel real happiness. When you love yourself, happiness can be felt and you will be confident to tackle any problems. Sleep is not a precious gift. IfContinue reading “Happiness is found here…”

How to Change your life…Lets the change begin from here..

In life, we start to regret; we cannot stop. Instead, you control your thoughts and led your life towards a perfect way. The glory in your life increases, happiness can be obtained in smallthings. Whatever you do, you cannot change the past. But, you can control or stop doing the same mistake again. I didContinue reading “How to Change your life…Lets the change begin from here..”

Why we do not get everything in #LIFE. How to get it….

From the day, you born. You started to wish for something. Its a human nature. If you get everything in your life. Then, your life will be interesting? Definitely not. But, the God and nature given so much within yourself to get whatever we want. The thing is that, we started to work towards itContinue reading “Why we do not get everything in #LIFE. How to get it….”

PROVED METHOD: Million dreams solutions….job for yourself.

The young people who settle soon are worked under the people who settled later. This is the fact, who have noticed a lot of people who settle soon and regret their whole life after they retire. The 9-5 job takes the peace, happiness and make you get tensed for small things. Wait for the oppourunityContinue reading “PROVED METHOD: Million dreams solutions….job for yourself.”

Fight for it….GET it

The begining is always the toughtest and unpredictable. When you start a new thing to bring changes and to achieve something in your life. Every day after the start of something, the number of failure and pain increases tremendously. The focus must be on the goal and don’t count the days. Let the days countContinue reading “Fight for it….GET it”


If life goes according to you, it will not interesting. Whatever you ask for and life gives. It is going to be boring. But, whenever you need someone. You are left alone with the thoughts. In order to escape this, you have to find peace. God is one of the best solution for us. PrayContinue reading “LonelineSS”