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How a man look alike….

A man never looks alike. Instead he frame himself with a screw in a wall. Never meant to man, but being Gentle Man for millions alive. Is the task for every real man!!!. Why am I using man instead of man. Man conquer lands. Woman conquers man. Thanks mom, wife, daughter etc., Happiness is spreadContinue reading “How a man look alike….”

Mind vs heart GAME…

This is one of my favourite quote which I wrote. I used to see it often. This is type where most kind of people fall. They are posting happy moments in their life in social media. But they are real happy or not. Is still a question mark. We are getting complicated more and committedContinue reading “Mind vs heart GAME…”

Must read : Choose it wise…

In life, we have huge number of choices. We must choose them properly for better life. In those important lessons. This one always plays a vital role in it. Friends are part of life. They make their parts more valuable and happier than ever. Life has been changed and it moved in a better wayContinue reading “Must read : Choose it wise…”

You can start living your LIFE from here…

The growth of our life depends on the people we hang out and the places we travel. Both are choosed by your mind. Sharp your mind. Most Relatives are the people, who bring problems to the solution for our life. They make the gossips to travel in four directions. They don’t even have a goodContinue reading “You can start living your LIFE from here…”

Success of everyone lies in this…

Success is easily explained by the successful people. They failed it explained it, how they got it. If you are working continuously for your success. Dedicating each and every day in your life for success and still you cannot achieve it. Then that us the time you have to analyse what you are doing. IsContinue reading “Success of everyone lies in this…”

Expectation and disappointments….

Humans are simply called as emotions. They are described not with characters but with emotions. In emotions, expectation is also a part of it. When you expect a thing, the life gives a different thing. If you failed to accept it. You will be in pain. If life is a maths, it is simple withContinue reading “Expectation and disappointments….”