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Never stop; Be a runner… Life gives a lot..takes alot…

Hurlding is process of living. When you stopped crossing the obstacles. You will be dead inside. Life gives us a numerous choices, using them wisely and seeing them as a part of life. We can start living. When you praise what you have, you will never waste your time worrying about the things you don’tContinue reading “Never stop; Be a runner… Life gives a lot..takes alot…”

Happiness is found here…

Everyone needs this. Right? Happiness can be found in everything. But, the happiness which can be attained within one’s self , nature and God are the people. Who feel real happiness. When you love yourself, happiness can be felt and you will be confident to tackle any problems. Sleep is not a precious gift. IfContinue reading “Happiness is found here…”

Why we do not get everything in #LIFE. How to get it….

From the day, you born. You started to wish for something. Its a human nature. If you get everything in your life. Then, your life will be interesting? Definitely not. But, the God and nature given so much within yourself to get whatever we want. The thing is that, we started to work towards itContinue reading “Why we do not get everything in #LIFE. How to get it….”