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Must read : over come Stress and all…

When human evolution takes place from monkeys to humans. The problem of the man started to increase day by day. As humans needs food to live. Then so many things fall in this, he needed shelter. After decades, they liked to have acquired lands, money came after, technology, gadgets and so. Today, someone ask you.Continue reading “Must read : over come Stress and all…”


Expectation and disappointments….

Humans are simply called as emotions. They are described not with characters but with emotions. In emotions, expectation is also a part of it. When you expect a thing, the life gives a different thing. If you failed to accept it. You will be in pain. If life is a maths, it is simple withContinue reading “Expectation and disappointments….”

Maturity is the attitude…

Patience of your emotions is tested when you don’t have anything. Perception and attitude is tested when you have everything. There are lot of lesson, you failed to show respect to the people who are below. That, gave the lot of lesson to them. As well as, it is know to us. Whatever you haveContinue reading “Maturity is the attitude…”