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Why we forget the past life and birth?Who knows past life of ours.

Every part of the universe is made of energy. There are only types of energy. It is positive and negative energy. There are also neutral which depends on one of the universal energy forms positive and negative. You can illustrate every part of life, character, food and all possessions in terms of energy.๐Ÿ˜ป ๐ŸŒปAll theseContinue reading “Why we forget the past life and birth?Who knows past life of ours.”

Love is medicine….

The best in your hands…Give it to me..So I can find my cure…Or you letting me die..In this pain….I neither ask you or show signs of pain..As you are smiling in front of me..I am slipping my blinks in your view…Like a water in a flower pot….My eyes filled with water…Seeing your beauty..

Love for you. Forgetting you…

I am an pianist…My fingers are getting paralyzed…Black and white keys looks hypnotic…I feel like forgetting all the piano notes…My voices gets broken..I couldn’t sing like a birds clipping…I waked up from the dream..I am neither pianist or singer…But The pain I felt never left me….

Love for rose and my bae…

I am a gardener…Dancing in the grass..I found shining flower..She is so perfect as pink rose in the garden..I am sliding over the snows to get her…Seeing her petals, my eyes gets wet..My cloudy eyes which never seen a rainfall for long time..Raining in my red face…I am a gardener..Dancing in the grass..I don’t knowContinue reading “Love for rose and my bae…”