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Why we do not get everything in #LIFE. How to get it….

From the day, you born. You started to wish for something. Its a human nature. If you get everything in your life. Then, your life will be interesting? Definitely not. But, the God and nature given so much within yourself to get whatever we want. The thing is that, we started to work towards itContinue reading “Why we do not get everything in #LIFE. How to get it….”

PROVED METHOD: Million dreams solutions….job for yourself.

The young people who settle soon are worked under the people who settled later. This is the fact, who have noticed a lot of people who settle soon and regret their whole life after they retire. The 9-5 job takes the peace, happiness and make you get tensed for small things. Wait for the oppourunityContinue reading “PROVED METHOD: Million dreams solutions….job for yourself.”