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Love for you. Forgetting you…

I am an pianist…My fingers are getting paralyzed…Black and white keys looks hypnotic…I feel like forgetting all the piano notes…My voices gets broken..I couldn’t sing like a birds clipping…I waked up from the dream..I am neither pianist or singer…But The pain I felt never left me….


Love for rose and my bae…

I am a gardener…Dancing in the grass..I found shining flower..She is so perfect as pink rose in the garden..I am sliding over the snows to get her…Seeing her petals, my eyes gets wet..My cloudy eyes which never seen a rainfall for long time..Raining in my red face…I am a gardener..Dancing in the grass..I don’t knowContinue reading “Love for rose and my bae…”

Alone Quote…

Alone Quotes…. Attention please: Here, I am available for all the people. Who seeks peace and live with happy hearts(not just with happy faces). You can talk to us anonymously without any identification and share your feeling and pain. Be beleive, saying your pain and sharing it will give you more peace and satisfaction thanContinue reading “Alone Quote…”

How a man look alike….

A man never looks alike. Instead he frame himself with a screw in a wall. Never meant to man, but being Gentle Man for millions alive. Is the task for every real man!!!. Why am I using man instead of man. Man conquer lands. Woman conquers man. Thanks mom, wife, daughter etc., Happiness is spreadContinue reading “How a man look alike….”